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Welcome to the Lean-Six-Sigma Institute

In a world of continuous change, what can we do to make our key processes more efficient?

How can we regularly improve performance and protect market share?

Lou Giuliano, President of ITT industries, an American multinational of 45,000 people, asked himself these same questions in 2001 when his share price, at $25, was at its lowest. He claims that thanks exclusively to his Lean Six Sigma programme, ITT Industries re-launched its four business divisions, and within three years, the company registered $435 million in improved profits and, within five years, the share price grew fivefold.

Lean Six Sigma deployment is the only truly effective method today that offers fast, corporate-wide improvement to make large corporations stronger and more efficient. It's the synergy of two powerful methods of process improvement (Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma,) both developed by world-class corporations. Lean Manufacturing, invented by the Japanese, Toyota company, offers techniques to reduce cycle times to make processes faster.

Six Sigma, progressively developed in the United States by Motorola, AlliedSignal and General Electric, offers a way to target process variation and to reduce out-of-specification waste.

Since 1998, our “Master-Black-Belt” consultants have trained and coached thousands of employees to apply the Lean Six Sigma "toolset" to drive continuous improvement in their organisations, careful to ensure permanent transfer of their knowledge to our clients’ workforces to avoid repeated, long-term reliance on external consultants. Our Master Black Belts are men and women who enrich the theory in our training programmes with their own wide operational experience, helping organisations in all sectors: industrial; service; public, and others, to become lighter, faster and more competitive.

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