Lean Six Sigma Management

Usually, a member of the operational management team and the "owner" of the malfunction that the Lean-Six-Sigma team has been appointed to resolve, the Sponsor would have first worked with the Champion to diagnose, prioritise, define and scope projects in his or her area.

  1. Champions deploy Lean Six Sigma within the subsidiaries, divisions and departments of their organisation: "guardians" of the method, they act as a hub between the hierarchy and the community of Black Belts, Green Belts and their teams. They assist operational management to diagnose and to identify process-improvements opportunities, to scope projects and to prioritise them in preparation for their inclusion in the annual Operating Plan. With the community of Master Black Belts, Champions help to identify and to promote future generations of Black Belts.
  2. The Sponsor represents the organisation for the purposes of the Lean-Six-Sigma team, and helps it to eliminate bottlenecks and to manage resistance: as the Lean-Six-Sigma team's client, the Sponsor manages team respect of milestones using project Gate Reviews and assumes, in this way, major responsibility, not just towards the team, but also towards the whole organisation for the team's progress.
  3. The Master Black Belt is a recognised expert in Lean Six Sigma: he or she knows and has practised all of the tools, and, within the organisation or independently, has chosen to specialise in Lean-Six-Sigma consulting and Black-Belt training: he or she is invariably enthusiastic about the method, and often looks upon himself or herself as a "missionary." If he or she is an employee of the organisation, then his or her key objective is to replace external Master Black Belts as quickly as possible.

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