Lean-Six-Sigma Training

The Lean Six Sigma Institute course is built on successive knowledge steps ranging from "Yellow Belt" to "Black Belt" level.

Each successful trainee is awarded a professional certificate; he or she can then improve his or her knowledge of complex areas with further training, and can even, if wished, become a "Master Black Belt." Those who are more interested in the operational challenge of getting change can train as “Champions.”

We coach trainees during their certification projects to help them rapidly get experience and gain confidence in the tools; they will later manage projects alone or with a minimum of support. We supply trainee coaching as long as it is needed for the candidate to strengthen his or her team-project-management skills and to ensure quick results for the organisation. Lean Six Sigma Institute Master-Black-Belt consultants coach and support trainees through all types of improvement projects, carefully tailoring support to the needs of each candidate.

We assign a coach to all trainees to Green Belt or to Black Belt level; he or she ensures their progress and success throughout the programme, and remains available to help and to advise on future projects.








The Lean-Six-Sigma Institute

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